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Mandy Elite Essence

K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots - Black 11

K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots - Black 11

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The Maysis are men s snowboard boots from Snowboard. All-mountain boots for advanced snowboarders. The Maysis has been sold more than any other boot, and is still just as comfortable and just as versatile, which is just why it is so successful! The Maysis is a safe bet for riders who snowboard in a variety of different styles. Its Double Boa tightening system enables you to tighten the shell and the inner liner, for a very simple, precise and fast adjustment. The pressure from the lacing is distributed consistently to avoid painful pressure points from bad lacing.The Maysis has a snappy, progressive flex to suit any snowboarding use. The Endo 2.0 system is very robust and gives the boots increased durability and means they keep the same flex even after several seasons use. The versatile Intuition Control Foam 3D liner is constructed with a blend of high-density and medium-density foam to give you all the hold and comfort you need for snowboarding intensely all through the winter.For perfect grip, the Maysis features the This Grips! premium sole exclusively produced by . Designed from EVA it offers excellent grip and damping properties at a minimal weight! These top of the range boots will accompany you all winter long for your off-piste, piste and even freestyle outings!

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