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Mandy Elite Essence

5.11 Maverick Battle Belt - Ranger Green - 56664-186-Xl

5.11 Maverick Battle Belt - Ranger Green - 56664-186-Xl

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Poorly designed inner/outer belts are uncomfortable, bulky, difficult to don/doff and fail at the worst possible moment. You have more important things to worry about, so gear up with our 1.75 wide Maverick Battle Belt. Designed as an inner/outer belt system, the belt features an ergonomic curve for maximum comfort and stability. The inner nylon belt ensures support and fit, while tightly securing the outer belt with a loop face. The hook backing and Austri Alpin COBRA buckle allow quick attachment and removal without sacrificing security. To ensure effortless arrangement of your duty gear, the Maverick Battle Belt features top and bottom weaving access in addition to the centered laser-cut pill, which work best with s Flex Pouches. Imported.

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