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Mandy Elite Essence

Mobile Innerspace Mattress 35 .In X 79 .In Luxury Truck B

Mobile Innerspace Mattress 35 .In X 79 .In Luxury Truck B

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Open-Box — Bring the comfort of home into the truck or RV with our Mobile 6.5Truck Luxury Firm Support Foam Mattress. Each mattress is skillfully assembled by hand in the USA and compression roll packed, making it easy to carry into your truck. Our innovative mattress-in-a-box packaging allows for effortless installation in under a minute, so you can simply open the box, unwrap, expand and go. Once installed, the newly redesigned mattress creates an inviting truck cab with its cozy gray check pattern and red trim, while the durable 6.5firm support comfort core and double-sided quilting ensure a full nights sleep. Mobile : Be rested for the road ahead.

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