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Eastwood Master Blaster Dual Abrasive Soda Blaster

Eastwood Master Blaster Dual Abrasive Soda Blaster

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Master Blaster Dual Soda and Abrasive Blaster lets you switch on-the-fly between soda and abrasive media or a combination of both! Use soda blast supplies to remove coatings on delicate substrates such as fiberglass, chrome or stainless then easily switch on-the-fly to harsher abrasives such as crushed glass, glass bead or aluminum oxide to blast through heavy scale, rust or multiple coatings. It s a must-have tool for restoration and maintenance shops where rust and paint removal are issues on multiple surfaces such as fiberglass, steel, aluminum, etc. Each of the fully welded, powder-coated tanks holds 100 lbs. of abrasive media (75 lbs. of soda), and works on as little as 10 cfm at 90 psi. 8-ft.-long, heavy-wall blast hose. Use with 80 grit or finer blast media. Use of Walnut shell media is not recommended. Specifications Tank Volume (2X): 10 gallons / 100 lbs. abrasive or 75 lbs. of soda media Hose Length: 8 ft. x 1/2 inch i.d. Working Pressure: 60-125 psi Air Consumption: 6-25 cfm Weight: 80lbs. Contents (1) Dual Tank Assembly (pre-assembled with: Lower Frame and Axle Assembly; Inlet Manifold Assembly) (1) Upper Loop Frame (2) Wheels (1) Front Support Loop (1) Blast Discharge Nozzle (Dead Man Valve)(w/ 3.5mm Nozzle, #12113, installed) (1) 2mm Nozzle (1) 2.5mm Nozzle (1) 3.0mm Nozzle (1) Deadman Valve Sealing Pad (1) Blast Hose Assembly with 2-1 Manifold (1) Moisture Trap / Inlet Valve (1) Pressure Gauge (1) Face Shield (1) Funnel (1) Tefl on Tape (4) Washers (4) Cotter Pins (4) 1/2 inch Long Socket Head Cap Screws (1) Hex Wrench

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