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Zoom Livetrak L-20r

Zoom Livetrak L-20r

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Rack-mountable digital mixer with built-in recorder. The LiveTrak L-20R is a highly versatile portable mixer featuring 20 discrete channels and built-in wireless control. The LiveTrak L20-R Mixer provides you with everything you could possibly need for mixing and recording live performances. 22 tracks of recording are available as well as six custom monitor mixes, allowing you to capture performances with exceptional sound quality. The LiveTrak L20-R is perfect for any venue, featuring 16 mono mic/line input and two stereo inputs. Each channel features a 3-band EQ, pan controls and compressor to make every instrument and vocal shine through. You can then record them directly to an SD card, and even track out the performances for mixing within your DAW. Couple that with wireless control from and iPad and you get one of the most versatile digital mixers on the market.

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