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Mizuno Jpx 923 Hot Metal Irons

Mizuno Jpx 923 Hot Metal Irons

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The JPX923 Hot Metal Irons are the perfect clubs for golfers of all levels. With their sleek design and lightweight construction, they are easy to use and provide maximum distance and accuracy with every shot. The JPX923 Hot Metal Irons have a patented Hot Metal face construction to increase ball speeds, giving you maximum distance and forgiveness on off-center shots. The clubs are also designed to provide more stability and control with every shot. The clubs are lightweight and well-balanced, allowing for easy swing and increased accuracy. With the JPX923 Hot Metal Irons, you can experience maximum power and distance while still having great control over your shots. Whether you re an amateur or a pro, the JPX923 Hot Metal Irons are the perfect clubs to get you to the next level.Introducing Nickel Chromoly - A new material with so much additional ball speed, our engineers switched their focus to feel and stopping power. At 35% stronger than our original Hot Metal material, 4335 Nickel Chromoly enables a high-energy 8% thinner clubface. Combined with s vibration controlling V-Chassis and deep CG design, the JPX923 Hot Metal irons are as enjoyable and controllable as they are long.

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