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Titan Great Outdoors Kamado Grill Kit, 10in Grate Diameter, Ash Tool, Heat Deflector, Cover

Titan Great Outdoors Kamado Grill Kit, 10in Grate Diameter, Ash Tool, Heat Deflector, Cover

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COOKING SPACE: Kamado cookers are incredibly versatile. This 90-square-inch cooking space can be utilized to grill, smoke, and cook pizzas, bread, pies, cookies, and more. ADJUSTABLE VENT: Maintain precise temperature control of your grill with the cast iron top vent. Easily adjust to set your desired airflow, and let the grill do the rest. CERAMIC HEAT DEFLECTOR: This single ceramic plate fits snugly inside the Grill, perfect for your food recipes that require lower temperature grilling. SMALL ASH TOOL: Keep your Kamado-style grills clean of all build-up and loose ash. The stainless steel construction makes this tool resilient, durable, sleek, and good-looking. KAMADO COVER: Stay on the safe side and use this to guard against the elements. The cover has a drawstring tightener at the bottom to ensure that it stays on and secured. The 10-inch Kamado Grill Kit is the perfect sidekick for outdoor adventures. This portable ceramic charcoal grill has everything you need for the highest level of cooking performance for tailgates, camping, or cook-outs on the beach. Built as a fully functional charcoal grill that doubles as a smoker and oven, this high-level outdoor cooking grill is constructed with a thick ceramic shell allowing the kettle to hold heat and maintain steady temperatures. The firebox contains both a grill grate and charcoal plate, and the kit comes standard with a ceramic heat deflector, a small ash tool, and a cover. The heat-resistant grill features a built-in thermometer, an ash door, an adjustable top vent, and a stand to keep your Kamado in place while cooking. With precise temperature control, you will ensure that smoke and moisture stay locked in during cooking. br br FEATURES: /b br - Premium 10-inch Kamado Ceramic Charcoal Grill br - 90 sq. inches of available cooking space br - Hinged cooking grate allows you to add charcoal as you cook br - Heat-resistant shell that locks in smoke and moisture at any temperature br - Vent adjusts to maintain precise cooking temperatures br - Stand keeps your kamado in place while cooking br - Thermometer built-in to the grill br - Sliding ash door makes clean up easy br - Small ash tool included br - Ceramic heat deflector included br - Kamado cover fits 10-inch grill included br br SPECIFICATIONS: /b br - Overall Height: 22-in. br - Overall Length: 14-in. br - Overall Width: 16-in. br - Opening Diameter: 13-in. br - Grill Grate Diameter: 10.5-in. br - Top Vent Diameter: 4.25-in. br - Heat Range: 0-800-degrees br - Finish: Ceramic Black br - Material: Steel br - Product Weight: 55 lb.

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