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Mandy Elite Essence

Zwilling - Enfinigy Coffee Bean Grinder - Silver

Zwilling - Enfinigy Coffee Bean Grinder - Silver

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This powerful stainless-steel conical burr grinder grinds coffee beans to a uniform size, without heating them in the process. This ensures that the robust flavor locked in the coffee beans stays on the grounds. With 140 different grinding options, you can choose the right grind size for the brewing style you prefer, from coarse grounds for French press coffee, to medium size grounds for drip coffee brewing. And you can effortlessly select the ground volume for the number of coffee cups you are planning to brew. Compatible with the Enfinigy Drip Coffee Maker filter basket, simply slip the filter under the grinder to catch grinds directly for no-mess coffee preparation. This sleekly designed grinder is available in black or silver. The innovative family of coffee electrics delivers full-bodied, smooth-tasting brews for coffee lovers with discerning tastes. In addition to the coffee grinder, the thoughtfully designed 12-cup capacity drip coffee maker boasts precise and consistent brewing temperatures, and the superior-quality milk frother produces creamy, soft, microbubble foam. This sleek, easy-to-use trio of products turns out coffeehouse-worthy drinks at the press of a button.

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