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Rough Country (76831) 3.5 Inch Lift Kit | N3 Struts | Toyota Tundra 2wd/4wd (2007-2021)

Rough Country (76831) 3.5 Inch Lift Kit | N3 Struts | Toyota Tundra 2wd/4wd (2007-2021)

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Take your truck to new heights with this excellent option for 07-17 Tundra pickups. This kit features a set of high-quality, tubular Upper Control Arms designed to make alignment adjustments easier and Clevite rubber bushings for enhanced durability. These arms are designed to promote a factory-like geometry by keeping the ball joint at optimum angles after lifting. This design allows for an improved, greater range of motion from the ball-joint, with less stress, wear and tear. s 3.5-inch Bolt-On Kit features N3 Nitrogen-charged shocks, giving your truck incredible ride-quality both on and off-road. Also included are a set of durable loaded struts and fabricated rear blocks to provide lift height from front to rear. Once installed, this kit gives your truck plenty of ride height for larger tires while offering a clean, level look from front to rear. This all-inclusive kit comes with everything you need, and installation is a piece of cake compared to other kits on the market Featuring a 100 percent bolt-on installation process that requires zero cutting or drilling, this kit can be installed using common tools in a home garage, and allows the truck to be returned to stock at any time if so desired.

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