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Squier 40th Anniversary Gold Edition Telecaster - Black

Squier 40th Anniversary Gold Edition Telecaster - Black

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The Squier 40th Anniversary Telecaster Gold Edition marks the magnificent impact that Squier instruments have had on the industry. Accessible to everyone, beginners and professionals alike, this striking guitar showcases renowned design without the eye-watering price tag. And it s a dream to play too. Thanks to the sleek, C-shaped maple neck with satin finish, you ll be able to glide up and down the scale seamlessly, allowing each note to glisten. Pierce through the mix and captivate your audience. Anything is possible when you have two -Designed alnico single-coil pickups at your control. They deliver an abundance of silky-smooth, warm tones with an underlying vintage feel. Whether you re in the studio or taking your rightful place on stage, you ll want to be armed with the legendary Telecaster.

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