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Sena 10c Pro Communication System With Built In Action Camera | 10c-Pro-01 | 2wheel.Com

Sena 10c Pro Communication System With Built In Action Camera | 10c-Pro-01 | 2wheel.Com

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introduces the 10C Pro, an update to the popular 10C combination motorcycle Bluetooth camera and communication system. Bringing together s Bluetooth expertise, innovative headset devices, and camera technology into one, the 10C Pro is truly innovative. The built-in camera technology includes 1080p:60fps video, timelaspe video and compatiblity with the Camera App. The Camera App provides the ability to preview footage and download content directly to a smartphone. Since it connects over WiFi, the transfer is fast and seamless. With the combination of a headset, users can record their voice to their video while also enjoying four-way intercom communication up to 1600 meters with Universal Intercom and Group Intercom technology. In addition, the headset features Advanced Noise Control, music sharing, built-in FM radio tuner, easy operation with a versatile jog dial, an external antenna, and a smartphone app for iPhone and Android. With Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the unibody design is water resistant and the firmware is indefinitely upgradeable. With versatile video modes and multi-functioning photos modes, the 10 C Pro can be operated in multiple ways. Riders may choose between voice prompt menu navigation or the easy-to-use single camera button. Utilizing a one touch operation, riders can shoot videos or take photos without interrupting their ambient audio. Offering multiple methods, one touch operation and voice commands, the 10C Pro enables you to capture the shot, the clip and realtime voice-overs.

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