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Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

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All natural ingredient reed diffusers are the perfect way to add sophisticated aroma to your home without a flame. Reed diffusers are not meant to fill a whole room, they are perfect for someone who likes subtle whiffs of fragrance. Diffusers will last approximately 5+ months.


Display your reed diffuser in a high traffic area where the fragrance can disperse throughout the room with air circulation. 

Give your reeds a 20 minutes to absorb the oil, then carefully flip them so that the dry end of the stick is in the bottle and the saturated end is in the air. Spread the reeds out as much as possible to let air circulate between them.  Allow up to 24 hours for the fragrance to fully diffuse. 

Use caution when flipping reeds over furniture, fragrance oils can leave marks. I suggest flipping reeds over a sink or trash can. 

Do not place diffuser directly onto wood, plastic, leather or electrical equipment. Accidental spillage may cause damage to certain materials. 



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